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Company profile

Company profile

Henan Yuxing Micron diamond Co.,Ltd,(called as SCMD) designs,manufactures, processes, and sells high quality diamond powder for the micron diamond market. Main products include synthetic industrial micron diamond powder, nano diamond powder, polycrystalline diamond powder, ultra-fine diamond particles, crushed mesh diamond grit and MBD, coated diamond and other advanced super abrasive products. SCMD is one of the largest diamond micronizer in the world.

SCMD is a branch company of the group company based in Zhengzhou, China since 1989.Staff approx. 152 dedicated Chinese professionals.The products are distributed and exported to approx. 30 countries across USA,Europe and Asia.


SCMD manufactures synthetic diamond powders in all common diamond types with diamond sizes ranging from 30 nanometers up to 100 microns. Our products are widely used as abrasives in cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing processes, and as functional materials for micron and nano technology applications.SCMD's products are used in a variety of industries such as electronics, optics, gemstones, watches, medical applications, and metals and ceramics processing.


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